About Basis Audio

The philosophies underlying Basis designs are the sound principles of physics; provable concepts that result in the most accurate replay of records possible. Precise execution of those principles is critical, and you’ll find Basis turntables are made with exacting care and precision machining unsurpassed in the industry. 

Central to A.J. Conti’s design philosophy is the Basis System Approach of product development. Here, each individual subsystem contributing to the performance of the product is identified. Specific goals for the performance of each subsystem are developed based on the function of that system. Each design is based on the fundamental principles of physics, and then tested and optimized to perform its function to the highest level. Only after each system has demonstrated superior performance at its defined function is it approved for use in the final product. The result is a purposefully engineered product. When looking at other products it can be obvious that the designer has “fallen in love” with a certain aspect of a product. This may be a novel shape, a supposed isolator made of many layers of materials, or an unusual material. Such shortsighted, incomplete designs are all too common in the record player field and result in one-dimensional performance. With the Basis Systems Approachthe buyer is assured of a complete design, a truly refined final product that will withstand the test of time by performing at a state of the art level for decades.
            There is solid engineering and precision fabrication behind every Basis product. To appreciate the level of sophistication, let’s examine the thinking behind each main component of the turntable system. 

            Bearing design: The key to the performance of any turntable is the bearing. Background noise, micro-dynamics, speed stability and even timbre are all directly affected by bearing quality. Basis uses a micro-hone finishing technique that accurately grinds the bearing to an ultra-precise one ten-thousandths of an inch (0.0001) tolerance. The oil well design of the bearing is both quieter and smoother running than inverted bearing designs. You can spend five times more on other turntables and not receive a bearing of this silence or smoothness.

            Motor: The next most important component is the motor. The motor affects turntable performance in the areas of background silence, grain, sound-field cues and of course, speed stability. Basis employs an ultra high quality synchronous instrument motor with a custom designed, proprietary magnet assembly. This motor type is extremely smooth running with exceptionally low cogging and vibration. Basis’ measurements have shown that multiple motors, large motors or round o-ring style belts can result in a one-hundred fold increase in noise when compared to the Basis drive system. 

            Platter: The platter should be balanced and machined to very tight tolerances for lowest run out (flatness the platter surface and roundness). The platter material should be inherently non resonant and well damped.

            Suspension: A properly suspended turntable will always outperform one with no suspension, and yet a poorly designed suspension is far worse than none at all. Full understanding of mass-spring-damper theory is necessary to correctly design a turntable suspension, and not all designs conform to those laws of physics. Using well respected principles, the Basis Resonance Annihilator silicone damped fluid suspension system design gives outstanding performance across the full audio band. Measurements of the Basis turntable using their suspension system show a difference of 50dB when compared to similarly sized unsuspended turntables from other manufacturers. Located close to the right rear Resonance Annihilator, the tonearm directly benefits from its close proximity to the damping pod through reduced vibration. 

             Belt: It may sound strange that we would talk about the belt, but the Basis Revolution Belt sets a new standard in the industry and is, well, revolutionary. The belt is available to all Basis owners and is a great way to get a boost in performance (yes, a belt will do that) for a modest cost.