Synchro-Wave Power Supply

Basis Audio, Inc. began shipping the new Synchro-Wave Power Supply in late 2006. Meaningful, obvious sonic improvements in musically important areas are brought to any Basis turntable model by adding this unique power supply.
The Basis Audio Synchro-Wave Power Supply is the finest power supply ever offered for turntables using AC synchronous motors. Delivering smooth, dual sine- waves with perfect 90 degree phase difference, of audio-amplifier quality distortion levels, the Synchro-Wave power supply brings Basis turntables to further heights of musical reality.
The Synchro-Wave power supply offers the following features:
1. Speed selection: 33 1/3 or 45 RPM at the flip of a switch.
2. Dual-wave motor operation: 2 individual sine waves with exact, optimal phase shift are fed independently to each motor coil.
The benefits: Far smoother motor operation, lower cogging for more relaxed, lower grain sound. Greater detail, more precise imaging, and more natural decay characteristics are easily heard.
3. Stable, generated frequency of power. The benefits: Perfect long-term speed stability.
The Basis Synchro-Wave Power Supply brings greater “convincing power” to the sound of any Basis turntable. With both long-term and short-term speed variations reduced to levels below the finest industry test records, the musical structure, timing, texture, and character are much closer to a real musical event. The emotion and “feel” of the music is conveyed in a clearly more convincing manner, with all “mechanical artifacts” dissolving away.
The Basis Synchro-Wave Power Supply, along with other new, exclusive Basis features such as our “Revolution” perfectly ground belts, establish new standards for vinyl playback in terms of realism of tone, complexity and accuracy of instrumental decay, and sound space definition. Industry members have commented that Basis turntables with the Vector tonearm, Synchro-Wave Power Supply, and Revolution belt sound more like master tapes rather than records. This is high praise, yet we at Basis agree, having always considered high quality master tapes to be the closest representation of the original musical event. Basis Audio has now closed, and with some records eliminated, that gap between vinyl playback and master tapes.