The Basis Audio Synchro-Wave Power Supply is the finest power supply ever offered for turntables using AC synchronous motors. Delivering smooth, dual sine-waves with perfect 90 degree phase difference, of audio-amplifier quality distortion levels, the Synchro-Wave power supply brings Basis turntables to further heights musical reality.

The Synchro-Wave power supply offers the following features:

1.    Speed selection:  33 1/3 or 45 RPM at the flip of a switch.

2.   Dual-wave motor operation: 2 individual sine waves with exact, optimal phase shift are fed independently to each motor coil.  Dual audio-quality high bias amplifiers are used for extreme low distortion power to the motor.

The benefits: Far smoother motor operation, lower cogging for more relaxed, lower grain sound.  Greater detail, more precise imaging, and more natural decay characteristics are easily heard.

3.    Stable, generated frequency of power. 

The benefits: Perfect long-term speed stability.  Sine wave frequency is crystal oscillator derived with final frequency being impervious to outside factors such as voltage change.   


By feeding the AC synchronous motor an ideal signal source of 2 low distortion sine waves ideally phase shifted, the Basis Synchro-Wave Power Supply brings greater “convincing power” to the sound of any Basis turntable.  With short and long term drift reduced to non-existent levels the advantages of a belt drive system are retained while any possible limitations are eliminated.  When combined with the Basis Microthin belt, this represents a leap forward in turntable drive systems.  


The optional Basis Vacuum Record Hold-Down System applies a controlled level of negative pressure to the underside of the record guaranteeing a perfectly flat record that is so effectively coupled to the platter that record resonance is totally eliminated.  Each record becomes a twenty-pound record!  The true musical tonality and texture captured on the record are revealed, without any added coloration of vinyl resonance.  No system, other than gluing the record to the platter, can result in such perfect resonance control.  Tests of record outer rings, never considered at Basis due to resonance problems of their own as well as the danger they present to the stylus, show only a twenty percent coupling compared to the Basis Vacuum System.   

The vacuum system restores even the most warped record to exact flatness, eliminating speaker damaging and power robbing “woofer pumping” due to record warps.  Dynamics, imaging, musicality, bass power, and tracking ability are all brought to levels unreachable without the Basis Vacuum system.

The Basis conceived HFLV (high flow, limited vacuum) system combines rapid record pull-down with the gentlest possible handling of records.  The laboratory-grade vacuum regulator and the precision vacuum gauge assure the user of consistent, gentle vacuum application while allowing total adjustability and flexibility.  The remote pump allows flexibility in placement and assures silent operation of the system.