Ultra Eminent EX


Basis Audio is proud to be the exclusive US distributor for My Sonic Lab Cartridges

'The Most Musically Convincing Cartridges In The World'


As a designer and producer of state of the art turntables and tonearms I seek out the finest associated equipment with which to test my designs. It was in a search for my own personal reference cartridge that I came upon MY Sonic Lab. My goal had been to find a cartridge that combined state of the art detail, transparency, and dynamics with a natural frequency response. I cannot enjoy listening and evaluating equipment using any cartridge that has the too common over-emphasis on the upper mid and high frequency ranges. Before hearing the MY Sonic Lab cartridge I had already evaluated most of the highly acclaimed cartridges in my effort to find a reference cartridge. Within moments of first listening to a MY Sonic Lab Eminent cartridge it was clear that this cartridge was conveying the essence of the music to a greater degree than I had previously experienced.

Being a designer, but not seeking to be an importer or distributor for any other audio company’s products, I had to seek out the man behind the glory of this cartridge for my own personal interest. I made contact with the company and although my intent was to speak “designer to designer” about my appreciation for the accomplishments the cartridges represent, the end result was a mutual agreement whereby Basis Audio became the MY Sonic Lab importer for the North American markets.

I am confident that you will agree that MY Sonic Lab cartridges deliver an extraordinary musical experience.


  • Type :                            Low-impedance moving coil cartridge
  • Frequency response :   10 - 50,000 Hz
  • Output voltage :            0.3mV/1kHz


  • Internal impedance :     0.6 Ω


  • Loading :                       100 - 800Ω (specifically, about 400Ω is recommended)


  • Core material :               SH-μX


  • Magnet :                        Neodynium #50


  • Stylus pressure :            1.9 - 2.2g


  • Cantilever :                    Boron


  • Stylus tip :                     Semi-line contact (3μm x 30μm)


  • Channel balance :          within 0.5dB (1kHz)


  • Crosstalk :                     more than 30dB (1kHz)


  • Terminals :                    shiny rhodium-plated pins


  • Weight :                        9.5g