2200 Signature

The 2200 is a brilliant mix of performance and value. Borrowing heavily from the 2500, the 2200 achieves a remarkable level of resolution at its price point.

The 2200 platter is machined from a solid block of stress-relieved acrylic. Its thickness, like the thickness of the 2200 subchassis, is closer to the thickness of the 2500 platter than to that of the 2000. The surfaces that mate to the bearing are derived from the Debut platter/bearing mating system. A large horizontal diameter forms the vertical mating surface. The result is undetectable vertical motion of the 2200 Signature platter as it rotates, meaning less woofer pumping and less amplifier strain. The vertical motion of the rotating 2200 platter is equivalent to the thickness of a human hair or less. The radial location is provided by a pair of concentric cylindrical surfaces, which provide superior accuracy to the ubiquitous tapered shaft so often seen in lesser products. The superior radial precision of this fit forces the outer belt-driven surface of the platter to be perfectly centered, again guaranteeing the great speed stability of the 2200 Signature.

In his review for The Absolute Sound, Paul Seydor writes: “I’ve been setting up turntables and listening to vinyl for almost forty years, and as a reviewer I’ve had opportunities to hear under pretty reliable conditions many of the high‑end turntable/arm combinations that are thought to define the current state of the art. Ironically, I’ve never heard the higher Basis models. I assume they must be better, but until I do hear them, the 2200/Vector has for me redefined what is possible in the playback of vinyl sources.”

Read The Absolute Sound review of the 2200 Signature Turntable and Vector 4 by Paul Seydor

Dimensions: 17″ wide x 15″ deep (including motor) x 5.5″ high
Weight: 35 pounds
Color: Clear acrylic, silver trim
Revolution Belt included


2200 Signature, Clear

Recommended: Reflex Clamp, Calibrator Base, and Vector 4 or SuperArm 9 tonearm


The Most Precise Turntable in the World