Basis Vacuum Record Hold Down System


We all know the need for thick, heavy records: they resonate less during play, giving you far better sound.  The Basis Signature Vacuum System allows you to forget all about 200 gram records.  Who cares?  Your Basis Vacuum turntable will turn every record into a ten thousand gram record! 


 Sonic Benefits Only Attainable by Vacuum Record Hold-Down

The optional Basis Vacuum Record Hold-Down System applies a controlled level of negative pressure to the underside of the record guaranteeing a perfectly flat record that is so effectively coupled to the platter that record resonance is totally eliminated.  Each record becomes a twenty-pound record!  The true musical tonality and texture captured on the record are revealed, without any added coloration of vinyl resonance.  No system, other than gluing the record to the platter, can result in such perfect resonance control.  Tests of record outer rings, never considered at Basis due to resonance problems of their own as well as the danger they present to the stylus, show only a twenty percent coupling compared to the Basis Vacuum System.   

The vacuum system restores even the most warped record to exact flatness, eliminating speaker damaging and power robbing “woofer pumping” due to record warps.  Dynamics, imaging, musicality, bass power, and tracking ability are all brought to levels unreachable without the Basis Vacuum system.


 Ease of Use and Flexibility

The Basis conceived HFLV (high flow, limited vacuum) system combines rapid record pull-down with the gentlest possible handling of records.  The laboratory-grade vacuum regulator and the precision vacuum gauge assure the user of consistent, gentle vacuum application while allowing total adjustability and flexibility.  The gauge and regulator along with the vacuum activation switch are located in a control module that sits at the turntable location for convenient use of the system.  The remote pump unit can be placed twenty feet or more from the turntable yet is silent enough to be used near the listening position in nearly all installations.