About Us

Welcome to Basis Audio, the leading perfectionist record player manufacturer in the world! A strong statement, yes, and anyone using the criteria of engineering level, quality of execution, performance, number of leading products in the range, and reliability would have to agree that Basis is indeed the world leader.

From the amazing SuperArm, which has redefined the limits of tonearm performance, to the A.J. Conti Transcendence, anywhere you look in the Basis lineup you will find a record player which leads its class.
When you invest in your Basis turntable or tonearm you will be obtaining a “lifetime product”. At Basis we do not build “price-point products” where the reason for being is to fill a necessary product category at a certain price. Our goal is to provide the music lover with a record player that will perform as highly as possible, identically in every environment, year after year.

Basis offers uncolored, neutral playback products so that most of your records will sound great, unlike the all too common resonant, suspensionless, lesser products with which only a few of your records sound good. We look forward to welcoming you to our loyal group of friends using Basis record players, at which point you will finally enjoy the naturalness, dynamics, and hair-raising reality that correct vinyl playback provides.

Please look very closely at your Basis product of choice. It will become obvious to you that no other analog equipment is built to this level. Imagine the quality in person! You will quickly see why Basis owners count their Basis as one of their prized possessions.

More than any record player company Basis benefits from an informed prospective purchaser. Increased research will most likely lead you to the purchase of a Basis of your own. The Basis advantages and more complete design concept become obvious as the music lover performs more research on all brands. We urge you to read all of our technical information. You may become frustrated that you cannot find such detailed information from other companies. Basis designs are so thorough there is simply more to talk about. You will also see that Basis has done more research, even down to the seemingly small details such as the drive belt, and tuning weights for the Vector tonearm. When reading our technical papers ask yourself “Does this make sense?” and “Why aren’t all companies talking about all of these important details?” If you perform this research we are confident you will soon enter the “Basis Family”.