Polishing Supplies

“Magic Potion” Polishing Compound and “Golden Touch” Polishing Cloth

Armando “A.J.” Conti founded Basis Audio in 1983 due to dissatisfaction with both the engineering level and the execution quality of analog playback equipment at that time. From the first Debut turntable to ship in 1983 to the current products, exemplary levels of fit and finish have always been a primary goal and obvious in the final products. Great lengths and many hours were taken to polish the acrylic surfaces of the first 12 Debuts, with Conti polishing all acrylic himself in his garage. Polishing has been both a priority and challenge over the life of Basis. We have experimented with numerous fabrics for polishing cloths and numerous materials for polishing media, wet and dry, from many industries including optical, abrasive, automotive, plastics, and aviation. We have blended our own polishing compounds and in 2000 reached a level of polishing compound which satisfied us. In 2003 we found a particular microfiber fabric which exhibited the lowest abrasion of any fabric we had ever tested. This fabric is so effective and gentle that we use it on multi-thousand dollar optics with no fluids of any type. Today this fluid and cloth are used each day in the production of Basis Audio products. You can now maintain your Basis product, and restore it to “as new” condition, with the identical products we use to polish your Basis product before final packing: “Magic Potion” polishing compound and “Golden Touch” polishing cloths. Full instructions, based on our methods at Basis Audio, are supplied with each.


“Magic Potion” Polishing Compound
“Golden Touch” Polishing Cloth