Calibrator Base

Brings the performance of the 2000 series turntables to new levels.


The Basis Audio CALIBRATOR BASE for the 2800, 2500, 2200 turntables brings the performance of the 2000 series turntables to new levels. The Calibrator centers each Resonance Annihilator suspension pod in its exact correct position and places the motor in its correct position for proper belt tension. Retrofittable to these models of all vintages, the Calibrator also brings a revolutionary feature to 2000 series turntables: the ability to utilize the extremely important Basis Cable Isolation System for use with Basis tonearms. This system eliminates room vibration from reaching the isolated subchassis through the tonearm cable. Startling improvements in effortlessness, background blackness, and instrument tonality result from such complete isolation. Please refer to the “Cable Isolation System“ for more information on this extremely important, yet very affordable accessory.

Calibrator Base Details

The Basis 2800, 2500, 2200 use the unique Basis Resonance Annihilator fluid damped suspension systems. In the updated “Signature” version these fluid damped isolators effectively isolate the turntable from the listening environment. Extremely effective at converting structure borne resonance to heat energy through the use of a critically damped mass-spring system, the Annihilators just as effectively damp subchassis resonances generated by the action of the stylus tracing the record groove. The Calibrator Base, a precision-machined acrylic mounting base for the turntable, centers each Resonance Annihilator directly under its mounting point on the subchassis, allowing each Annihilator to work most effectively and resulting in a perfect balance of the suspension system. The Calibrator features leveling feet in each corner, eliminating the leveling operation from being handled by the Resonance Annihilator pods; each suspension unit therefore operates in a more linear fashion. The 2000 series suspensions, when used with the Calibrator, now perform with greatly enhanced stability and filtering action. These turntables feature decoupled free-standing motors. The Calibrator places the motor in the ideal position for proper belt tension and for the least interaction with the suspension.

Basis Cable Isolation System

Most importantly, the Calibrator may be furnished with a special Basis Cable Isolation System, eliminating the Vector or SuperArm’s normal cable attachment point on the subchassis of the turntable. This support isolates the cables from the suspended turntable assembly. In this manner the Calibrator increases the isolation of the Basis fluid damped suspension and eliminates the tonearm cable influence. The sonic difference this makes is astounding. We’ve always known that significant vibrational energy is transmitted up all tonearm cables. Test this for yourself: place a cable against your ear, and scratch the other end of it. You will hear that the cable is an extremely effective conductor of vibrational energy. If this energy enters the isolated subchassis system of your turntable your record player will replay this signal, increasing the distortion of your system. Eliminating this source of vibration by mounting the cables to the “far side” of the suspension eliminates this conduction path. Naturally, only a tonearm such as the Vector or SuperArm, with a very fine cable loop, can benefit from this isolation. Tonearms with full cables exiting from the bottom of the arm will be always be plagued with detail-robbing, grain-creating vibration traveling up the cable. Further, only a turntable with an extremely effective suspension will benefit from the further, final isolation detail of decoupling the tonearm wires. Never has any turntable/tonearm system so closely approached the grain-free, effortless presentation of highspeed master tapes as does the Basis turntable/tonearm system using the Cable Isolation System. The Calibrator Base is available in clear or black acrylic.

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Calibrator Base for Models 2200-2800, clear
Calibrator Base for Models 2200-2800, black
Cable Isolation System for Calibrator Base, Purchased With Base
Cable Isolation System for Calibrator Base, Purchased Separately
Cable Isolation System for Debut Turntables

Technical Specification

• Dimensions: 17.25” wide x 15.75” deep
• The Calibrator Base will increase the overall height of a 2000 series turntable about 1.75”