Basis Cable Isolation System

The Basis Cable Isolation System is an example of Basis’ dedication toward the research and resultant product offerings of every detail of vinyl playback equipment.  No company has ever offered such complete technical solutions toward perfectionist record playback.  The result is home music reproduction which represents the closest facsimile of the real event commercially available.  Only high-speed early-generation master tape copies, not a viable home playback method due to unavailable software, can come closer to the effortless nature of real music.

The Basis Cable Isolation System is a simple, fully adjustable Vector or SuperArm cable support that attaches to the “far side” of the suspension, eliminating the possibility of room vibration from entering the filtered turntable system through the tonearm cables.  This system can attach to the Basis Calibrator Base in the case of 2800, 2500, 2200, and 2001 turntable models, and to the Debut base in the case of the Basis Debut Series.

The sonic improvement is astounding.  We have always known that significant vibrational energy is transmitted up all tonearm cables.  Test this for yourself: place a cable against your ear and scratch the other end of it.  You will hear that the cable is an extremely effective conductor of vibrational energy.  If this energy enters the isolated subchassis system of your turntable your record player will replay this signal, increasing the distortion of your system. Eliminating this source of vibration by mounting the cables to the “far side” of the suspension eliminates this feedback path.  Naturally, only a tonearm such as the Vector or SuperArm, with a very fine cable loop, can benefit from this isolationOther tonearms with full cables exiting from the bottom of the arm will always be plagued with detail-robbing, grain-creating vibration traveling up the cable.  Further, only a turntable with an extremely effective suspension will benefit from the further, final isolation detail of decoupling the tonearm wires.

When comparing a particular Basis turntable model with a Basis tonearm and Cable Isolation System to the same model but without Cable Isolation System the difference in sound is immediately obvious.  Typically, any model using the Cable Isolation System will out-perform the next model up in the Basis line if it is not using the Cable Isolation System.  The Cable Isolation System yields lower grain, increased purity of instrumental tone, blacker backgrounds, far increased soundstage focus, more pure bass, smoother high frequency extension, and a greater feel of “low distortion playback”.

Any listener who has auditioned the Basis Cable Isolation System with his Basis turntable and tonearm combination has considered the Isolation System a “must-have” product.