“Bravo, Indeed”

The Absolute Sound, Issue 341

The Bravo turntable and Vector tonearm offer legendary performance in a smaller package. Enjoy the true musicality and neutral playback that come from Basis Audio’s commitment to extreme levels of precision and exacting execution of designs based on the fundamentals of physics and a love of music.

The Bravo turntable bearing is a high-precision oil-well design that has been proven in other Basis turntables to operate smoothly for decades. The bearings are carefully tested with matching platters and precision ground belts for unwavering speed stability.

The Bravo benefits from an AC synchronous motor with custom magnet assembly used in other Basis turntables for reduced vibration. The only way to have a smoother and quieter motor is with the Basis Synchro-Wave Power Supply. The Bravo motor is freestanding and can be placed either behind the platter or to the left side of the turntable.

The Bravo subchassis is machined from cast acrylic, which provides a rigid, stable, non-resonant support for the bearing and tonearm. The polished clear acrylic is beautiful on its own, or the Bravo turntable can be customized with a blue, red, or black color plate.

The Vector tonearm, first developed by Basis over 25 years ago, continues to be one of the most neutral, well damped tonearms made so any cartridge can perform optimally. The Vector tracks perfectly even the most demanding musical passages. The custom tonearm cable was designed for perfect signal transmission and greater clarity.

Together the Bravo turntable and Vector tonearm bring the music to life with a natural and effortless sound.

“Basis ‘tables and ‘arms are revered for their exceptional ability to get out of the way and reveal new insights into their owners’ record collections. The word “revelation” is frequently used to describe people’s first (and ongoing) encounters with Basis designs.”

– Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, Issue 341


Basis Bravo Turntable Package includes Bravo Vector Tonearm and Reflex Clamp
Color options: Blue, Red, Black, or Clear

Recommended upgrades:

Vector 4 tonearm with VTA micrometer and Synchro-Wave Power Supply

Technical Specification

Type: Belt-drive, unsuspended turntable
Speeds: 33, 45rpm
Dimensions: 17″ x 15″ x 5.5″
Weight: 28 lbs. including Reflex Clamp and Vector tonearm

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The Absolute Sound – Product of the Year
The Absolute Sound – Product of the Year