Basis Cables System

Perfect Signal Transmission Technology

Basis Audio is proud and excited to introduce our state of the art Basis Cable System. The first audio cables to use the true science of wide-band constant phase signal transmission theory, Basis signal cables achieve levels of naturalness, imaging, musicality, detail, dynamics, and bass response never before heard in any cables at any price. Featured in the Basis Cable System are our “Perfect Signal Transmission Technology” Interconnect and Speaker Cables and “Hy-Per Shield Technology” Power Cable.

The Beginning

Cable research began at Basis in 1998 when designer A.J. Conti began investigating signal cable theory related to the design of the Vector tonearm. In 2003 Basis launched the Vector Model 3, incorporating the first Basis cable. Owners who upgraded their original Vectors to the Model 3 using Basis wiring were the first to hear the incredible gains in transparency, bass delivery, and imaging that would be the hallmarks of the sound of the future Basis Cable System. Many of these Vector owners requested Basis Vector cable for use as interconnects in their systems. Knowing that the requirements of interconnect cables are different than those of low-level phono cables, Basis refused all except one of the requests. In this system the Vector cable, though not optimized for higher level signals, displaced $5,000 interconnects as the best sounding cable.

Pure Physics and Proven Electromagnetic Theory

Basis started with the fundamentals of physics and electromagnetic theory in our research toward designing the most truthful audio cables available. Those familiar with Basis will notice that this approach, using a “clean slate” with no predetermined design biases, has been the Basis approach with all products from the original Debut through the revolutionary Vector tonearm and the amazing Work of Art turntable. No “audio industry dogma”, theory, or standard practice regarding materials or configuration was allowed to intrude upon our research and the development of the Basis Cable System.

Signal Cables

The Basis “Perfect Signal Transmission Technology” Interconnect and Speaker Cables” are the ultimate links for your components, offering you the lowest distortion and most phase correct signal transfer independent of frequency range and type of equipment used. No matter what cable you have been using, the Basis cables will redefine your system’s coherence, smoothness, detail, and bass response to levels you would have never imagined possible.

Designed to achieve the ultimate standard in the signal transmission field, known in physics and electromagnetic theory as the “Distortionless Transmission Line”, Basis signal cables eliminate time distortion which is present in other cables. The elimination of this phase error results in perfect timing of all frequencies: the high frequency content of a kick-drum arrives at the same time as the fundamental low frequency. Some cables emphasize the initial kick (and are known as cables with good “attack”). Some cables emphasize decay. Basis “Perfect Signal Transmission” cables convincingly convey the attack, overall tonal quality, and decay: the entire event of a simple kick-drum strike does indeed become a startling event. Such purity of phase results in greater focus, wider and deeper soundstage, more impactful, articulate, and palpable bass, greater resolution of low-level detail, and more natural, effortless presentation of musical content. Instruments and voices are portrayed with vivid reality. Gone is instrument or vocal “wander” across the soundstage as the pitch changes up and down. Vocals, for the first time, are perfectly integrated with natural sibilance and voice coming from exactly the same position in the soundfield. Due to correct arrival times and extremely low distortion in both frequency response and time domains, sounds familiar to the human ear, such as voices, will startle your ear and memory as being truthful in ways that you have never heard before from any audio system.

In addition to conforming with distortionless transmission line parameters, Basis signal cables optimize all other important parameters of signal transmission cables, including impedance and material purity issues. Cables that “tune the sound”, by being leaner or heavier in tonal balance than reality, can be found. However, no cable as truthful to the musical signal, as transparent, and as phase correct can be purchased at any price. The Basis signal cables have redefined the state of the art in audio signal cable performance.

An important side benefit of the balanced electrical parameters resulting in the “Distortionless Transmission Line” is that the Basis signal cables achieve the same neutral sonic characteristics independent of the type of electronics or speakers used. Solid-state, tubes, or hybrid electronics; cone, electrostatic, or magnetic-planar speakers: Basis signal cables perform to the same previously unheard of levels. All listeners hear the same attributes when using Basis cables, which are certainly the most consistent sounding, from system to system, in the industry. More accurately, it should be said that Basis cables are the most consistent non-sounding cables in the industry, the sound being so neutral and effortless.

Read, in greater detail, more about the design and materials of Basis signal cables in the papers on the Basis speaker and interconnect cables.

Power Cables

The Basis Power Cable sets new standards in silence and purity of AC power through its pure conductors, limited bandwidth, and most importantly, exotic-material, double shielded Hy-Per Shield Technology design.

Power cables must deliver 50 or 60 cycle sine waves while introducing no power factor (time lag between voltage and current peak values). It is critical that power cables not act as “radiating antennae” for the powerful, fluctuating magnetic waves, which result from the AC waveform itself. (Please see physics texts for the explanation of the intrinsic link between electricity and magnetism. A full discussion is beyond the scope of this paper.) Higher frequency shielding is necessary for RFI-type rejection, and some audio power cables include this shielding. However, shielding of the magnetic energy requires totally different measures and has never been effectively addressed in the audio field. Basis has successfully solved this problem with our Hy- Per shield system, eliminating the ability of the power cords to radiate this energy, which normally “pollutes” your nearby signal cables with detail-robbing low frequency noise.

The result is greater system silence, greater low level detail, lower “grain”, and increased dynamics. Preamp and amplifier distortions are lower, and higher power is available as both components are freed from amplifying this non-musical information.

A Single Cable System from Cartridge Leads to Speaker Terminals

Individually, each Basis cable is of extreme performance. Test the Basis Speaker Cable, the Basis Interconnect Cable, or the Basis Power Cable and you will agree that any model represents the state of the art. What should not be overlooked is the advantage of using such uniquely phase correct, neutral cable through the entire audio chain. In this case the true power of the Perfect Signal Transmission Technology and Hy- Per Shield silence will seem to add up to more than the sum of the individual parts. In fact, when using the Vector tonearm a music lover can listen to a system comprised entirely of Basis Cables, including all power cords. The resulting realism of images can be so realistic as to be intimidating. Certainly, you will change your previous opinion on just how important audio cables can be. Far more can be spent on cables, but no cable system can compete with the Basis Cable System.