On Naming the "A.J." Conti Transcendence

The design in question was named the A.J. Conti Transcendence following A.J.’s death.

“The new table is the one I don’t have a name for yet. I was talking about names with you, it’s the one I first called the Comparitor when I made it for myself, and the one I’ve been toying with the name Masterdeck or Analog Masterdeck or Studio Masterdeck.”

“But, I would like a name that means something. That’s why I come back to names involving master, studio, even deck… implications of recording studios, and that ties back to my story of how this is the first record player I have heard that is not humbled at all in the presence of a master tape copy. The story is important to me, as it feels like a turning point in my professional life… and personal life.”